Sunday, 6 March 2011

Release Henry Okah

Yes, I'm on this topic again.

Recently, Henry Okah was moved to a maximum security prison in Joburg - presumably the locally-named Sun City - after a raid on his cell produced eight cellphones, with chargers and airtime, and a map.

The tip off was given by one Colonel Zeeman who, interestingly, is also one of the investigating officers in Okah's case, and is a member of the Hawks. This is pretty damed fishy, in my opinion.

However, suppose Henry Okah did have those cellphones in his possession. This is certainly against the law as applied to awaiting-trial prisoners. Yet I would submit that Okah is detained at the State's leisure for maybe being the leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta who maybe committed the Abujah bombings last year. That last point, by the way, is far from being a proven fact.

I refer the reader to the recent raid by the police on the offices of the Public Protector, and the incarceration without trial of journalist Mzilikazi wa Afrika in August last year, apparently for being a bloody nuisance to the criminals in power, and you can easily see that the regime change in South Africa has been more of a changing of the guard from the old bastards to the new ones. Not much else.

There is talk that maybe MEND wish to shut down oil production in the Niger Delta, and I don't have to tell you what a happy occasion that would be, both for the human and the non-human residents of that area.

Release Henry Okah, you Wetiko dogs.