Thursday, 3 March 2011

Do It Yourself

How to skim your brake discs yourself, almost for free:

1. Buy brake pads from your local generic motor spares oultlet.

2. Fit the pads after a long, hard day at work, in the failing Autumnal light.

3. Take to the highway early the next morning. You don't have to drive too fast - around 100km per hour will do fine.

4. Marvel at the fat sparks which fly past your window. Thrill to the whining scream of metal-on-brake-pad while you inhale the matchless aroma of burning carbon fibre.

Your brake discs will be skimmed - perfectly, almost effortlessly, and at very little cost to you. Why pay those pesky motor mechanics such high labour fees when you can action this costly procedure yourself?
Come on - a near heart-attack is very little, in real terms.