Wednesday, 9 February 2011

From The Chymical Wedding.. Lindsay Clarke, the book I'm currently inhabiting. It's marvellous.

 "My verse was obscure because I was obscure to myself. I was a young man then...a young fool. I heard the music but I had no inkling how serious these matters were. Or how dangerous."
He returned from a pained abstraction, and smiled at me a little ruefully. "I was much like you - infatuated with my own talent, worshipping only my own intellect...A crime for which, as Ficino points out, a capital punishment is appointed. And in the symbolic domain the punishment is entirely appropriate - dismemberment, beheading."

The undertaking of the Great Work actually has many forms - I've been engaged in my own version for years - and mostly, they sound very similar when you pass into the realm of symbols. Which is, in fact, the only way to do this Work.

Right, then - I'm off back to bed to nurse a broken brain and legs which won't work.

Pic: The Joust of Sol and Luna from Aurora consurgens (early 16th century); note that Sol’s shield has a lunar emblem, while Luna’s shield carries a solar one.