Thursday, 12 August 2010

Today I Woke Up In The Machine

Today, I woke up in the Patriarchy. And realised that the only reason I haven't completely destroyed myself by now is the fact that I'm aware of it.

The Patriarchy. Civilisation. The Machine. It's all the same evil thing.

See, the Patriarchy doesn't just mean Dude Nation for the purpose of Dude Nation. It's not just men who form the Patriarchy - it's so many of us that we take it as normal. Today I woke up to Radio 702 presenters wittering away about goggalicious women - that would be MILFs, or Cougars, or something, for the rest of you non-Seffricans. Just when a woman has passed the age of childbearing, and she can breathe a sigh of relief that at least the normative necessity of appearing to give a shit about her attractiveness has passed- well, just then she's in for a shock, for now she has a new standard to aspire to: goggaliciousness.

I wanted to scream but I laughed instead. The Patriarchy, The Machine, Civilisation - it's all about objectification. It's all about commodification. And it's all about systems of control which benefit the few who work the system, and leave the rest with hollow aspirations. The main reason the poor of this world don't just murder the rich is that they have been encouraged to aspire to the status of rich themselves. Or at least to aspire to some of the trappings of rich.

The Patriarchy is never about who we really are.If we were aware that we are the arisen manifestations of the Ground of All Being, all of us together, there is no way we could behave the way we do. The tiniest bacterium in your gut is just as much the Creator of the Universe as You are - but you don't seem to know it. If you did, the Patriarchy would not exist for a split second longer.

So, Welcome once more, my friends, to the Machine. If you're not thinking of ways to destroy it, then you are welcome to its ultimate destructiveness in your life. As for myself, I intend to continue, as does Sister Hecate, to undermine the bloody thing at every chance I get. And, being deep inside its belly, I also get a lot of chances.