Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Mistress Haloed By The Moon

Oh my Lady, how I have missed bathing in the moonlight of Your presence!

Mine is an experiential 'religion'- if I don't know the answer, I set out to experience it. And so it has been, for the past few months, that I have learned that it is indeed possible to transcend the ego. I have glimpsed the reality of the Ground of All Being -both beginning and ending point, the place from which we arose and to which we dissolve eventually - and sat timeless in meditation without, or even outside of, Time.

These things I have done and seen and felt, and I know that they Are. But oh, my Lady, how I long now to be in Your embrace.

My Earth soul is and has always been a child of Hecate. The great mistress of the crossroads, of changing and endings, and thus beginnings. The lady of the dogs, the one haloed in the full moon, bearing the crescent on Her brow.

Pic: Hecate by Tellaine