Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Hecate's Night Two - No Cosmic Parent

So I light the candles and sit for the second night of coming home again to Hecate.

Each element responds to my call in lively manner: the Air swirling in great clouds from the East, the Fire leaping in a pyramidal flame from the North, the Water rising serenely from the West and the Earth rolling densely into the circle from the South.

I feel a powerful tug through my base chakra, and realise that the moon is almost directly beneath me, where I sit right now. The Taurean moon.

Fire flickers now upon the altar from two slender golden candles which illuminate the crystal bowl of water and the silver-shod bowl of salt. Ethereal light picks out the chasings on the silver goblet on its dish, sitting front and centre...and I drop further into the gravitational pull of the earth and moon.

Rising before me, She appears once more with Her cowled head silhouetted against the moon. I bask in Her presence and She in mine.

For this is no childish dependency faith, this homage to the Lady. This is closer to a meeting of two parts of the whole. A fusion of holons, an acknowledgement of completion, one with the other.
I do not truly seek a heavenly - or an Earthly - Mother, a cosmic parent is something the entire human race should have long outgrown.

She does not compel, nor rigorously instruct. There are no sacrifices at Her hall, save those of the give and take of two pieces of the earth, two waves upon the ocean, two atoms within the molecule.

The gods are that part of Us which creates - and in creating, deconstructs and destroys, as well. We are neither less than they are nor greater. We are each as necessary as the wind upon the vocal chords of the Singer - we are complimentary parts of the whole song.

Hecate pic found here, unfortunately.