Monday, 7 December 2009

We've Only Just Begun

In memory of the murdered Alexandros Grigoropoulos, anarchists took to the streets of Athens yesterday.

What I found amazing (although I shouldn't have) and faintly funny, as well as disgusting, was the deployment of 6,000 police across the city. Who then managed to arrest -oh, I think it was 134 people, or so.

I see this as one of the signs of the disintegration of the Machine - that people like those Greeks are willing and able to fuck stuff up in the streets to commemorate a thuggish killing of one of Us by one of Them.

Course it's not as simple as that - and I don't buy into the Us and Them scenario anyway, as I know it's all, when you get down to it, Us.

But I'm cheered, in a gruesome way, by the escalation of citizens fighting back.

Like the Somali pirates, who've seized a supertanker , this time.

Like MEND, blowing Shell's shit up all the time. That's just two examples from my own continent - it's starting to gather momentum around the globe, as some those stuck in the nightmare of civilised serfdom start to awaken, and start to take action.

Sure, we're three-dimensional translations of pan-dimensional beings, and we're also representative forms of the one great consciousness which is Being, which is Cosmos.

But that doesn't mean we let things slide into murderous treachery. We owe it to ourSelves to tackle the evil we're committing head on.

And I'm proud to say we seem to have begun.