Friday, 18 December 2009


With this year's birthday/company anniversary bonus (vouchers to R550) I bought, as I usually do, myself some new books.

2009's Mass Literature Haul comprised only 3 volumes - inflation is really starting to bite.

So I've worked through Campbell's The Mythic Dimension, and then Pratchett's Nation. I saved for last my first copy of the Holy Book of Women's Mysteries, through which I am slowly, savouringly, reading at the moment.

However, in this Weiser edition of the book, there are some curious typos.

At one point, the typesetter seems to have gone on a jag of exchanging all 'double-l' s for 'n' s in the script.

So I'm reading along, and come across the odd phrase "craft skins". I think for a while, and realize the author means 'craft skills'. Oh. OK.

But what I read next almost made me inhale my glass of orange juice: in detailing the Kouretes, we are told that the Ancient Mother was the source of all wet and glistening things, and also the sea-birthed Sacred Bun.

Hot Cross? Or Sesame Seed?

Pic: Dike/Themis/Justice. Not the only one who's blind, it seems.