Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Much To Do

Well, there we go. The Police Are Not Your Friends.

I dreamed on Sunday night of a Black woman, a bullet hole through her head – although, since Olga Kekana was murdered on Sunday morning, I can’t claim that this was a psychic dream. I must have already heard that the cops had shot an innocent person dead, though I don’t think they identified either a man or a woman. Still, Olga – I saw your face.

As may be, there are now very few citizens left who believe that “Shoot to Kill” is in any way a good idea. Those who still support it tend to be White, heavily invested in the machine, and, dare I say it, nursing impotent rages of their own. They just wish that somebody, anybody, would be allowed to murder freely. I’m not bleeding for the violent criminals who, hopped up on drugs and muti, seem to have no compunction at all about killing their victims. The point which flashes a big, red warning sign to me is the handing of such ruthlessness to the hired law-enforcers of the State. Encouraging the thugs of the Machine to murder the people is not, to my mind, any kind of sane answer. It’s the same objection I have to the death penalty. It’s not that I feel sorry for murderers and rapists – it’s more that I blanche at the thought of giving the government the license to kill with impunity.

And the reason I don’t think it’s a good idea to let the police shoot to kill, or the state kill criminals, is that I don’t believe that those in nominative power over us have our best interests at heart. In no country in the world is the government the protector of the people. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind, by now, that we are lead largely by psychopaths and the power-hungry.

Yes, we need a revolution and, first, a total rethink of the set up of the Machine in which we live. If we look at it clearly enough, we will see it for the insane monster that it is, and we will prepare, and begin, to do every single thing in our power to bring it down.

That includes rhetoric – Derrick Jensen is a leading radicaliser of people who can read, or hear, or think.

It includes Witchcraft – those of us who practice the so-called occult arts have much to do on this front.

It includes monkey wrenching – techno-savvy geeks are some of the most disgruntled folk on the planet, thank the gods.

And it includes pure rage – the physical outpouring of dissent which is starting to cascade around the world today.

Be not afraid. This is the row we have set ourselves to hoe at this point in the spiral of time. But remember, always, to act in Love –whether that Love takes the form of education, obstructionism or pure destruction. We need it all.

Believe it – we shall Kill the Machine. It’s happening.

Image: Beltane Fire Society