Monday, 19 October 2009

How Dare You?

ANC MP Angie Molebatsi has had the temerity to tell a grieving family that it was their daughter's destiny to be murdered by the Police .

"One way or another, we are all going to die, regardless of whether a cop shoots you or you were ill," she blithely commented at the funeral of a young woman shot dead in a case of mistaken identity.

Not so much mistaken human identity, mind you, as mistaken automobile identity. The cops were looking for a grey Toyota Conquest, and the deceased was a back seat passenger in a grey Toyota Corolla - which the Thugs of the State opened fire upon just over a week ago. Look, even I can tell the difference between a Conquest and a Corolla - and I'm no car freak.

So this messenger of a largely corrupt government, this Angie Molebatsi, turns up at the funeral yesterday and has the bare-faced gall to suggest that, somehow, being shot in the head by a member of a force which is supposed to protect you is on a par with having a fatal coronary.

I'm certainly not buying it. And I suspect that only South African good manners and a tendency to bow before temporal authority stopped friends and family of Olga Kekana from tossing this two-bit politician right out of the church. I know I would have.

Not content, this piece of female garbage continued..

"Let's not lose hope towards the police. Let's keep on trusting them. Forgiveness is what God wants. This was her (Kekana's) destiny, let's not blame the police," ..before having to break into song, as the congregation remained unmoved by her attempts at comfort.

May all the gods save us from such comfort.