Monday, 23 March 2009

What Do You Want?

“Now my question for you: Do you think that those people who are not willing to take drastic action-whatever action is necessary-in order to make sure the planet remains habitable are reachable by any means? If they will not fight back with all the world at stake-literally, physically, in all truth-when will they ever fight back?”

(Endgame Volume 2 - Resistance. p.526)

I think many people are reachable. It’s all a matter of changing their mindset. I know some people would rather die than change their stance on a certain topic, but I’m encouraged by what I see around me to believe that not too many of us are like that.

I was listening to a podcast interview with the artist and sorcerer Alan Moore this weekend. A magickal practitioner is often worth a listen, as their worldviews are frequently interesting. Unfortunately, Alan Moore’s worldview is also appalling. He’s one of those (and I’m going to use nasty language here) Ceremonial Magicians who seems to have detached himself from the Earth.

Land, Sea and Sky seem to mean nothing to him, as he encourages his listeners to ride the Technological Culture. I wanted to yell at him “Where to, Alan Moore? To the destruction of the world? Because that’s where it's delivering us. ”

I find it’s quite common in this culture for people to be so habituated into anthropomorphic thinking that the word ‘life’ literally doesn’t mean anything other than human life to them. But, since I used to be so deep into this civilisation myself that I tended toward that way of thinking, I hold out some hope that others can be reached.

Our communications with others still wearing the hoodwink and the nosebag should, whenever possible, be designed to shake them out of their well-worn ruts of thought. Perhaps they, too will start to question, start to wonder, and start to agree with us. Even if, as with many Buddhists and Pagans, they have so much invested in their vision of evolving humankind, I believe they can be persuaded to look at the solid foundations of reality as well, and to realise that we’re destroying them very rapidly indeed.

“What do you want?”
(Endgame Volume 2 - Resistance. p.534)

I want a world where the land is not encased in concrete and steel; where fully-grown trees are not transplanted into new shopping malls as prisoners in cement blocks, already dying.

I want a world where air is good to breathe, for those of us who need it, and where water is not poisonous. Where food is not seen as a commodity and human and nonhuman people are not portrayed as property.

I want a world where creature, plant and human interact in a planetary web of existence: sometimes killing and eating each other, sometimes helping and healing each other.

I want a world where trust is not one of the first things we lose as we come into existence; where the race is for the entirety of Life to run, and to win. Where we create together – microbe, songbird and human being – the incarnation which benefits All of Us.

I want a world where immanence is not secondary to transcendence, if it is mentioned as a positive at all ; where mankind is not continually striving to get off-planet, out-of-body and away from Mother.

What Do You Want?