Sunday, 29 March 2009

From the Daemon to the Eidolon

Know you not that the Earth is Holy?

If you don't know this, very basic, very essential fact - open up.

Cause your footprints to appear in the early morning dew on the grass as the sunlight begins to streak the dark blue sky with orange. Breath the East.

Fling your arms high to the wide blue of midday. Roost with the Pied Crow in the pine tree, fussing over your hatchlings in the precious warmth before the winter.

Bow your head and fold your hands to the fading light of the West as the New Moon shows a silver slice of horn above the sunset.

Seat your tail-bone chakra against the prickly ground at the PitBull Federation show. Feel Her rise through your cross-legged body and tune in to the multiple conversations, dog to human and back, filling the air and the earth around you.

If you don't realise yet that your incarnation is Sacred, that each of us is all the God we'll ever know - then slow down. Pace your life by the huge deep breaths you take, inspiring all the world when you exhale, refilling your Eidolon from the rest of God when you inhale.

Pass your soul's keeping to your Daemon in the night - sleep and dream of more dimensions than you can presently imagine. Rework reality as you slumber. And awake to the orange and blue of the dew smattered morning once again. And again.

Pic: Looking NorthEast in my garden


  1. Oh, my. How beautiful your words are. Thank you.

  2. The words are electrifying.


  3. Aquila, I apologize for the links at the bottom of the comments section, it is NOT my doing. I've had this happen now to a number of sites I follow, have tried everything imaginable to fix it, gone to Blogger Help-no help- and had many an angry email about it. I'm baffled, Blogger appears to have gone mad and I don't know why it's doing this.I'm going to stop following all sites for now, re-do all the settings-for the third time- and see if that works. Sorry!

  4. New Visitor here. Very nice, you write very well. Thank you for the inspirational communication.

  5. Very beautiful T. I've missed your way with words. I was gone for a while, but I'm going to visit regularly again.