Thursday, 7 February 2008


This new moon was a bit of a rough ride.

Although I give a passing nod to astrology, I have some problems with it -stemming, no doubt, from people's tendency to think I was taking a degree in it while at 'varsity.

But this new-moon-and-solar-eclipse caught my attention.
In my natal chart, Chiron and the moon are conjunct each other at approimately 22 degrees Aquarius.

Chiron, as the mythology goes, represents the centaur who, having been severely wounded himself, becomes the archetypal healer.

Aquarius is my fourth house -the house governing hearth and home.

My son is an Aquariun sun - it was his 23rd birthday yesterday.

So as the moon briefly obliterated the sun this month, in my hearth-house containing the wounded healer, I sat with tears running down my face before my altar, surrounded by incense smoke, taking the pain into every part of myself and dispersing it throughout.

It is an integral part of me, not some threatening exterior being.
Thus only may I turn hurt into healing; pain into participating; wounds into wonder.

Our selves are more than individual spirits- our Selves are entire universes, and as such must contain what appear on the outside to be polar opposites but are in truth integral parts, without one of which the other is no-thing.

I bless this union of polarities into wholeness, and take a futher step in growth.

Pic of Chiron found at this strange blog