Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Magic Without Tears

Three cheers and a very high-five to Hecate, that wise mistress of magic, for her post on the Uses and Misuses of Magic.

"Stop that shit. Because, when you hurt yourself, I will laugh. Or, if I care for you, I will cry. But, either way, it's up to you to pull yourself up by your own broomstick and act like someone able to transverse all the worlds, rather than like someone who can't even function in this one. I am just saying."

General Occult Community: kindly note the lack of a 'k' in Hecate's spelling of the Art. There's only one magic, and hers is it.

Her post comes the night after I started a new regimen in my monthly Witches Unite Against Crime work, started by our most awesome activist, Damon, more than a year ago.

Being a Witch myself, I'm not going into the details of my new methodology here, but suffice it to say I was shocked, horrified and not really surprised to learn of these revenge shootings this morning.

"Police did not know what motivated the men."

I know - and , if you're a South African who's not a policeman paid to deny it, so do you.

This is not justice - it's a perversion of Her sacred function.

The fact that we can all too easily imagine what went through those young men's "minds" is a measure of just how sick we've become.