Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Our Beloved Pagani

As Deborah Oak says “The problem with community? People!” (in the comments section of Where is Your Power?).

Yup-community can be a pain in the arse - it’s so full of damn people.
Including, of course, yours truly.
I’m not saying that I’ve never behaved like one of the stereotypes I’m about to delineate.
I hope I haven’t, but you never know.

Here in Sunny South Africa we have a rainbow nation – which leaves us free to populate our communities with the usual assortment of people displaying bizarre behaviour.

For example:

The High Nutess

Thinks she’s the Gerald Gardner of South Africa because one of her sycophants told her so.
Behaves like a bad-tempered brat when authority challenged in any way, for example someone asking for the numbers in her organisation.
Lives in some kind of fantasy realm where her word is absolute law.
May actually have fewer years of experience than many of her perceived ‘enemies’ but will always deny it.

The High Nut

Fully believes that he is Gerald Gardner, reincarnated.
Sides with the High Nutess for the reflected prestige he thinks it affords him.
Straight, but a bent brain.

The Colonialist

Has lived in South Africa all her life –not that this is a crime – and has soaked up the values and standards of a culture obsessed with money and control – even when she has very little of either. Or especially when she has little of either.

Finds anyone with a skin shade darker than medium-toast an existential threat to her life, income and happiness. Wholesale.

Can be identified by attitude of naiveté when it comes to crime-until it happens to her. May then be identifies by terrified cries of paranoia when confronting anything vaguely ‘native’.

The Odinist

What can I say? The closet white supremacist exists in all countries, but here may be readily picked out by his yelling at the top of his little lungs about the evils of political correctness, the foolishness of feminism, and the need to ‘get this country back on track’. Close relative of the Colonialist, but even more frightened of the dangerous darkies.

Thinks he’s the last word in scientific rationality because one of his friends works in a nuclear facility.
Doesn’t seem to realise he’s totally depleted in the realms of both rationality and science.

The Camp Follower

Steadfastly in the camp of one or other High Nutess, the Camp Follower can be counted on to leap out of the cupboard at his mistress’ call, whimpering about the general lack of respect for our elders that is apparent in anyone daring to ask actual questions of her. Doesn’t possess much of a mind of his own
- a real case of blue obedience.

May be readily identified by empty, rattling noise when shaken – by anyone trying to elicit authentic opinions for example.

I don't really have to say this - but let me say it anyway:
There are, in fact, many good, trustworthy, highly spiritual people in this country who nevertheless have a sense of humour about themselves who call themselves Pagan, who I am proud to call my beloved Pagani.