Wednesday, 19 December 2007


Well, the ANC cadres have finally managed to elect a man who truly represents them.

In his pig-ignorance, atavism, greed and self-serving, Jacob Zuma perfectly reflects the people of South Africa.

Who have an average IQ of 72.

This is not to say that Thabo Mbeki is much better - he who doubted, and by all accounts continues to doubt, that HIV causes AIDS and who may very well be implicated in corrupt dealings with foreign armaments firms.

But Zuma? Gods' wounds, this is the man who thought that taking a shower would be sufficient protection after having unprotected sex with an HIV-positive daughter of an old friend; who is quoted as saying, more or less, that a woman wearing a kanga is asking for it.

I don't often talk about politics, as I don't consider myself a particularly political person.

I continue to cast my vote when invited to do so - most often for the DA .

I scrupulously obey society's laws as I consider them a contract between myself and this society(drawn up by said society) to enable me to get along with them.This is to me the very definition of morals.

I have a code, on the other hand, which allows society to (mostly) get along with me - it's called my code of ethics. Something Jacob Zuma may have read about.

In the big picture, I doubt very much that this little upset will have a huge impact upon how we live and die in SA.
The peasants may believe now that they've voted one of their own into power -and so they have - they'll have their bread and circuses. But they believed that in 1994, too, and look what it got them.
One of the first lessons of an inclusive democracy is that the new rascals almost always resemble the old rascals to within 3 decimal places.

One of the next lessons is that to most politicians, trust is an organization pledged to look after his money, while honour is a verse issuing from a praise-singer's mouth. Integrity is, of course, always a useful word to know how to spell and pronounce