Thursday, 4 October 2007

Monotonous Existence

Where did we get this idea of an ultimate source from?

Our Pagan and Animalist ancestors didn't seem too bowed under the weight of this concept of everything eventually proceeding from one singular point - but today, we're riddled with it.

The most common religious expressions assume One God.

The Universe is believed very strongly by the majority of scientists to have arisen in a Singularity - an occurrence of such uniqueness that the conditions before it can never be reconciled with the conditions after it.

Many NeoPagans today even acknowledge a single power, the emanations of whom form the basis for all that is, religiospiritually speaking.

This pervasive idea seems to have crept in and taken root while we weren't looking.

All of my Pagan life, I have never had any experiences which led me to believe that there was one, ultimate, all-powerful root of All That Is.

Not even experiencing the ground of all being could I consider such a base point -it's merely the ground point for my personal level, so to speak.

I have always seen Creation as a more eternal item (and then there's that word - item rather suggests 'one of', doesn't it?).Never ending, never beginning.
Made by a whole host of Us-some of whom are registered deities, some merely human, and some, a small but growing number, humans who know they are deities, too.

I don't believe that there ever was a Beginning, no matter what the accepted scientific wisdom says today. Every fibre of my consciousness insists that we are cyclical in nature. We come, we go. We make and shape and disassemble and make anew.

This is in close accordance with the most ancient cosmologies known to mankind, apparently.The Hindu sacred texts announce that we are in existence in the wink of Brahma's eye, as He sleeps and dreams the cosmos into being.
When he awakes,we will be dissolved and another cosmos generated. For ever and ever.

Worlds without end.

It's a big thought for my limited brain.I think I'll start with something smaller.

For example, Carl Sagan's lovely summation of existence:

These are some of the things hydrogen atoms do, given 15 billion years of cosmic evolution.

Think, and create, and think some more, and fall asleep to dream another universe into Being.