Monday, 1 October 2007

Lesser Striped Birdy Blogging

Image from Theresa Brent's Photos

Going to one of the local emporia of doom - the shopping mall - this weekend I was surprised to have the little fellow at the top of the page swoop across my line of sight, flashing a bright orange rump at me as he headed for the Fever Tree in the park.

Surprised because I've never seen his species in this neck of the woods before.
He's a Lesser Striped Swallow.

The rain has settled in for a spell: fine drizzle and low grey clouds, much like England is most of the time, now I come to think about it.
The maximum daily temperatures have thus plummetted from 30 C to 20 C almost overnight. This probably explains the bug I was harbouring in my own Bio-system the other day, and the high absenteeism from work.

It (the change in the weather) has probably also precipitated the latest Union strike- South African Municipal Workers' Union, SAMWU, are on strike from today, altghough they'll only know if their action is in fact legal on Wednesday. Too late, legal system.

Meanwhile we're preparing to tolerate streets full of uncollected rubbish being scattered far and wide by not only neighbourhood dogs (although I'd personally like to shoot those dog 'owners' who let their companions out to roam the streets at night), but by the striking workers as well.There's something a tad childish about turning over rubbish bins and smashing them if you're not currently employed in collecting them, but then that's just me I expect - the Unionists seem to find this action acceptable.

However, they too are Goddess-or are made of stardust, however you would like to see it , the essential idea is the same -and despite the strike and the drizzle and the cold...well, I still saw a Lesser Striped Swallow on Saturday.