Tuesday, 9 October 2007

...and Something Else

We are Stardust.

We are accomplished Hydrogen Atoms.

We are Billion Year Old Carbon.

...and we're 80% something else- something we don't, for all our scientific posturing, have any other name for than Dark Matter

Roll drums, please.

In the sort of synchronicity you should, but never do, get quite used to as a Pagan Witch, I read a science headline on this today, and was bowled over by Sara Sutterfield-Winn's variations on a theme of Darkness, Pagani, and the honoring of the former by the latter. Sometimes. When we get it right.

But oh boy, when we get it right it rocks the foundations of the universe.

Dark matter could be in the form of particles which do not interact with light.

We cannot see them, cannot measure them directly. We can only infer, by watching massive bodies at play in the universe, that they do exist.

What are they? What part of our Being do they represent?

I'm all agog, waiting for Richard Dawkins to eat some of his less-well-considered words.But not holding my breath.