Friday, 26 October 2007


Aaargh. I've been memed.

Thanks Mahud.

10 Years Ago (37 years old)

Gripped in the iron hand of Valium. Starting to become a drunk again.

My mother was dying-or rather, her mind and personality had just about started to die. Her body would take another 2 years. My son was the most perfect 12-year-old I have ever met.

20 Years Ago(27 years old)

Divorced for the second time.Going through another bout of being a drunk. Also started being a Pagan, very much in secret. My son was the most delightful 2-year-old I have ever met.

30 Years Ago (17 years old)

With a brilliant set of M-levels under my belt, taking some time off to work in a motorbike shop and planning my future as the next best thing to hit the astrophysical world, starting with 'varsity.

Oh dear....

Actually, I'm laughing, not crying. What a bloody farce some of my life has been!
Yup, that's my astrochart at the top.