Wednesday, 13 June 2007

As Sweet As Honey

How I love this country.

I was born here, but I grew up mostly in England and the States.

Still, this country has something which makes a native understand homesickness.It gets into your soul.

My desk at work is angled towards the east, and the rising sun is magnificent in reds, purples and lastly, pure gold as it crests the ridge behind the motorway.The traffic looks so small and fast; mortal insects buzzing before the slow,majestic immensity of an African dawn.

I'm so lucky to be allowed to get paid for doing something which I'm good at and which brings me a good deal of pleasure. I know that programming is not everyone's idea of fun - but it's part of my kind of creativity.

Last night I dreamed that the Pied Crow kissed me, and I was given two very long feathers - one black, one brown and white and black.

This morning, I stopped in the middle of recoding a program to bring down purchasing and wagering results from our players - and became aware of the most golden, most sweet energy flowing through me from the soles of my feet to my heart chakra.

Now my heart chakra is the energy centre I've had to work the hardest on, as it was closed down for years. So I appreciated this warm flow of good energy in the midst of my working morning. It was just as sweet as golden honey.

This is one of the plus points of following a Pagan path - I get to feel the luscious energy of the world three stories up in a concrete office block.Through steel and through stone, my Lady reminds me of Her omnipresence, and, even for a little while, I have a share in Her eternity.