Monday, 2 April 2007

Al Lat

These are my two eldest

This morning I got up and went through to the back door to let my pack out.

Four PitBulls make a rambunctious roiling of four-footed mayhem when they're happy to see you and equally happy to be going outside.

They tend to democratically jostle me-the alpha bitch- with heavy-pawed abandon at 4 in the morning.

I looked at our second-youngest, Chippy, whose battle-scarred face bore a couple more lacerations this morning after his latest tangle with the razor wire next to the compost heap.

I wondered how much pain he was in-wagging his tail, treading on my toes and licking his brothers in his commute to the door.

It hit me so suddenly then- a deep, overwhelming awe at the majesty and mystery of Life in all its teeming forms.

I don't think I can possibly put it into words now, but the feeling has stayed with me.

I am content, peaceful and deep-down happy to Be Here.Again.

On the verge of remembering How We Did It.