Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Boiler Room

We're officially in a heatwave in Gauteng now.

The South African Weather Service says so, therefore I must believe it.

Simon Gear is the Face of the Weather in SA media.He was approached to say a Few Words on the official verdict this morning.

“In January there were a couple of really hot days and it was generally accepted that that was a heat wave,” Gear said.

“But scientifically, you are looking for a situation where the maximum temperature is 5°C warmer than the average maximum temperature for the warmest month of the year in that area. And it must continue for a period of three days.

“So if we look at Joburg, the warmest month is January. The hot weather we are having now is 5°C hotter than that the average maximum, and we are already into our second day, looking at another hot day tomorrow,” he added.

Well, I don't know.

I do know that my four Pitbulls are doing nothing more strenuous than lying in the path of the big indoor fan, and my partner, who as a former miner is used to the heat, is actually complaining.

Prize for quote of the day must go to the ER spokesman though

Anyone with an altered level of consciousness should not be left alone,” Vermaak said.

I've been having a ball with that one all day.