Thursday, 15 February 2007

Birdy Blogging Again

Just after sunrise, standing on the balcony at work.
This little chappie (well, two of them) flutter onto the railing, pumping their tails up and down furiously.One of them breaks into the most beautiful delicate paean of praise to the morning I have heard in a long time.
I'm thinking I must find out what that bird is called when I realise that I know what it's called-it's a Wagtail.
Something dark and scientific in me wants its species name, though.
What the heck for, Terri? can't you just enjoy the bird without having to know it's Latin name as well?
Motacilla aguimp
There you go.
But it's really just a gorgeous bird with a moving morning song-and that's all I should want to know about it.

A few seconds later, I was treated to an aerial display of Red Winged Starlings-see previous Birdy Blogging post.
Their red wings glowed in the dawn sunlight as they swooped and spiralled.
I think they're getting ready to go home, as the mornings are quite nippy all of a sudden.

Yesterday evening I was standing in the same spot on the same balcony watching two small aerobatic planes display their prowess over the Wanderers cricket ground-we were in the process of beating Pakistan in the final ODI- when a small retinue of House Martins appeared from under the third-storey eaves of the office, and started to compete with the metal birds.

The weird thing is, most folk don't see Nature's aerobaticists at all.
That's a bit sad, as they give a huge return on investment.