Sunday, 7 January 2007

Crises of Faith

The Gospel Pagan,Sara Sutterfield Winn Asks about Pagan Crises of Faith

I liked the topic and found myself replying to it, and here is my comment:

I’m pretty much on Ivyfree’s wavelength here-the Universe just is, and not just myself, but all of us, are in here together, all making and shaping as one. Eventually.

I went through my own Dark Night not so long ago,after many years as a Pagan. I just dropped it all and became a metaphysical naturalist and a strong atheist.

Because I was hurting,nothing that was nonmaterial existed.What we could see was all there was.Belief was stupid.

Well, you who’ve been there know what I’m talking about-and it may be most Pagans who’ve been on their path for any length of time.

But eventually I began to realise that what I was blowing off as primitive, pre-rational thinking was in fact post or trans rational thinking.The two are frequently confused, especially by those who’ve never experienced the transrational.From the outside they may look similar, but a little enquiry uncovers the fact that they are vastly different.

‘Magical thinking’ becomes magical being, and a whole new understanding of the integral nature of the entire universe becomes accessible.

Faith becomes a word less frequently used to explain one’s understanding, as much has passed into the realm of that which is almost beyond words.

(Image from the south side of my beautiful, magical garden-a trumpet flower creeper in full bloom.)