Wednesday, 10 January 2007

CERN vs FermiLab

I'm not a gambling woman, but the race to find the Higgs Boson has me tempted to indulge in a little flutter.

The Higgs boson is what I've just decided to call the UPSAP-the Ultimate Patronising SubAtomic Particle (yay! spontaneous acronym)-in that it grants the boon of mass (=energy=existance)to all other sub atomic particles-presumably including itself.

This characteristic has earned it the nickname of the God Particle among physicists for some years now, although-and this is the kicker-no one has seen one.

No, not a trace behind in time, not an interactive trail have we found to reassure us of the existance of the UPSAP.

How embarrassing.

But now, scientists at two of the world's Big Reactors have been closing in on it.
They have a much clearer idea of its properties, and are aiming their colliders at finding that damn rabbit...err...boson.

My money is firmly behind the European CERN facility.

Not, as might be supposed, from some kind of misplaced Eurocentric racism, but purely because of the name (yay! another acronym!).

I mean-Fermilab-c'mon America.

You can't expect the aid of the Gods if you go around naming your GodTrackers after some idiot human.

(pic is a simulation of the discovery of the Higgs boson)