Friday, 6 July 2007

Thou Art Goddess

Amongst the news that our crime stats have risen sharply, and that Mpumalanga Province is trying to introduce a Bill which would make the practise of Witchcraft illegal (how they think they can get away with that defeats me, but nevertheless, SAPRA and individuals Pagans are onto it),I've found a couple of things which made me Laugh Out Loud in the last two days.

Firstly, wonderfully competent writer CJ Stone blogs on the high comedy afforded by the Glasgow morons..err...terrorists.
I laughed until the tears were running down my face at that - he has a gift of making you see the sheer pratt-ness of it all.Highly recommended.

This morning I read something which has me laughing in a different way.

Hecate has written just exactly the post I neeeded to read, not just today, but everyday. Give your heart a treat and read it, too.

I resolved this morning on the way to work to see everything I beheld as Goddess.

My partner beside me, driving my car-he is Goddess.

The car herself is Goddess. Her name is Astarte.

The early morning lights of Woodmead, with those dreadful smoke stacks billowing against the sky -that's Goddess.

Here comes a minbus taxi, arguably the most feared/hated vehicle on our roads.

"Hey -mad taxi driver - you're Goddess!"

Greeting my colleagues as I walk into the office-silently -"Thou Art Goddess".
It forces me to acknowledge them for a split second longer, look them in the eye as I think that at them.

SQL query -Thou Art Goddess - now behave like it.Kali maybe.

Hot water urn steaming gently in the corner-you're Goddess.
Berry tea-Thou most Definitely Art Goddess.

Have a blessed Friday, everybody.

Cop, Snake and Child snapped by Enmarie at Pagan Freedom Day 2004


  1. Namaste Teri. :) Blessed weekend.

  2. Witchcraft? Why bother to try to make it illegal? It really isn't anything that can cause harm.

  3. BBC-you'd maybe be surprised.
    This is Africa, where people die from a curse.

    Terri in Joburg

  4. Hum, maybe they just think it was a curse that got them. This is a violent planet and any random event can take any of us out at any time.

    So live each moment as if it is your last. Hugs.