Tuesday, 2 October 2018

The Immanence Of The Transcendent

I'm fortunate to have experiences of transendence from time to time in this life; flashes of the pure brilliant limitlessness which speaks to me in a tongue no human can quite master, although a few souls have tried. And I comprehend some of what they are saying. Sometimes.

For me, it does no good to try to parse the welling joy of watching the birds in flight (who know god is not dead) or the realms of serenity when contemplating the clouds. It is just a moment of languagelessness, and I can live with that.

And yet this sense is also, frequently, truly immanent in that it arises from the proximity awareness of  an earthly being - a cloud, a sky, a flock of birds, a constellation, the smile on the face of another human, a rolling in the sand of a canine friend - and so I perceive that this above-and-beyond is completely triggered by place or being.

An Immanance of Transcendence, if you will.

One thing I have noticed over the years is that frequently - far too often to be chance - when I am connected in my soul to the Love which is holding this all together, I have an odd memory-flash at the same time.

It is at Windsor Castle. In the room which holds the exquisite Dollshouse of Queen Mary. And I am about 10 years old, walking around and around it while the sun plays in from outside the room.
I am captivated by the fine detail in the dollshouse, containing scale replicas of some of the rooms in Windsor Castle itself.

It's quite something to see and I can understand why that one visit has stuck in my memory.
But what I can't quite get is why that situation, that image, comes up so frequently when I am transported by the connection to the Web of all Life.

..Or is there something there, just beyond my understanding?

A replica at 1/12th scale of life....hmmm...

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