Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Washed Into The West

My favourite astrologer, Robert Wilkinson, always has a first-class take on what's going on in the spiritual skies ( as opposed to the physical skies, which is more my own realm of competence) and so I always find it worthwhile to take some time and read his posts thoroughly.

His approach is vastly more universal than your average astrologer, in my opinion. For instance, his current article on Saturn retrograde is high-caloric food for thought.

If I were to paraphrase what Robert is saying from my own iconoclastic viewpoint, I'd just say that we (as the Body of God) have entered a period of introspection of, and potential freeing from our personal and collective demons.

Saturn is turning retrograde at 10 Capricorn today, and as someone with a Natal Saturn at just over 3 Capricorn, I fall within the span of this planet's to-ing and fro-ing over the next number of months. I hope to get a good deal of personal exorcism done during this period.

But first, let us take the opportunity of the stationary direct point to start looking closely at our own fear-based limitations, with a view to setting them free of us, Washed into the West, in the relatively near future.

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