Thursday, 28 September 2017

Rain Coming

A dream involving fire will always capture my waking attention, ever since I dreamed  of fire and a Lamborghini before a 2-car crash and burn some years ago.

So last night's dream needs recording and I'm doing it here as writing in my dream diary has become haphazard.

There were three dreams, actually, all of them interesting to me.

The first was a lovely dream of me explaining to anothe part of Me the spiritual underpinnings of Samhain, while in the corner of the room a creature I knew as the Ancestor Spirit supported and inspired me. Although this creature looked like a version of the Fisher King from Doctor Who, I was not afraid at all, rather comforted. I was lying on a bed with another part of me beside me, holding my hand.

Moving on into the next dream I found myself in a beautiful bathroom, the legacy of the woman who had lived in "this house" before me. Blue and white tiled and mosaiced, this room featured all sorts of luxurious plumbing, some of which I had never seen before. it was also larger than it appeared at first glance, having annexed room space for a dressingroom.

From the bathroom I walked into the third dream - on a grassy hillside at the end of Winter, preparing meat on hooks and sticks for cooking. A spark landed on the dry ground and a smouldering fire started. As the fire grew, myself and my companion moved the meat - to the bathroom - before it could catch fire.

End of the night's dreams. Move forward into the morning, where low grey clouds obscure the predawn sky which so dazzled me yesterday. Rain coming, I hope.

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