Monday, 3 July 2017

Ave Atque Vale

The Yule influence continues apace, with dreams of people and situations dead for years disturbing my sleep almost nightly.

That's not taking into account the horrible bout of bronchitis I've been working through since I contracted it about 2 weeks ago. Now it pops its head up as a night session of uncontrollable chills and body aches well over the stay-in-bed-and-fix-it line. So perhaps some of this midWinter dream horror is due to my system trying to fight back against life forms alien to its normal state of being, I'm not sure.

 One thing I am sure about, however, is that my distaste for large swathes of humanity is being vindicated whenever I turn on the news channels or scroll through Twitter.

 This by way of the affirmation that there really are people who voted for and supported Donald Trump. I mean, I couldn't really understand it at first, as the man is so obviously an example of the very worst in humankind - a self-absorbed non-contibuting piece of meat with the manners and morals of a 5-year-old entitled brat. I thought that anybody could see this, especially since he'd not been particularly hidden in shadows before his presidential run. But no, apperently people are just really shit at seeing human garbage when it's flailing its vengeful narcissism in their faces, or they see it and think it good.

Either way, I think we've been making a great case for a human extinction event in the very near future. Therefore, homo sapiens, it is with no sense of loss to the life on this planet that I wish you ave atque vale with all my heart. We may have tried, but not very hard. I think it's time to quit the human experiment, now.

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