Thursday, 11 April 2013

Rough Green

I'm posting this as a dream log.

 Last night I dreamt of Snake Woman.

 She had tattoos of coiled snakes at her temples, tiny green snakes along her upper lash line and a snake protruding at either hip.

 I thought that the snakes on her person were called Grass Snakes, so I looked them up. Interestingly, they are indeed known sometimes as Grass Snakes in North America, but not in the UK, where the Grass Snake is another creature altogether.

These were the snakes otherwise known as Rough Green Snakes, or  Opheodrys aestivus.

Apparently, they are friendly little snakes and are often kept as pets. Not that I would keep a snake as a pet - I have way too much respect for their wild and archetypal selves.