Sunday, 24 March 2013

Right Relationship

..and of course, what I totally forgot to say last week, in expounding the virtues of plant medicines, was that it's always important to ask the plant.

Here's Stephan Beyer and Christina Pratt reminding us of why it is important for us as humans to be in right relationship with the world in general and the plants as allies specifically.

One picture which Dr Beyer painted, of healing plants being administered only in hospital settings by authorised medical personnel, was particularly chilling. Is this what we want? And what is it the plants want?

Rather than grasping at possible miracle cures, I suggest that we all take the time to alter our worldview.

Get out there. Sit with the plant, or the spirit of the plant. Ask it what it desires of us. Enough of this casual, anthropocentric disrespecting of other corporeal and non corporeal life forms already. It's a contributing factor in the wetiko disease, after all.

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