Monday, 4 March 2013


Anybody out there with an open-top Mercedes coupe in their garage?

Because it looks like we , over at Epona Coven , actually own your car.

I'm looking at the ownership papers right now. The ownership papers which we paid R320 for and which we took home from the Randburg Licensing Department this morning.

We thought we were taking the bakkie off the bank's name and putting it onto Warren's. Seems we overestimated the efficiency of the Randburg Municipality. Again.

I suppose we should have checked those papers out thoroughly before leaving, but in our defense, it's a bit difficult when you're navigating through the gaps between importunate free-lance licence-photo-takers yelling for your business.

Mercury Retrograde. Again, I should have remembered.

But we did do something fairly unusual right after that. We went to Sandton City to spend my horrible Sandton City gift vouchers - on books of course.

We were actually into the Mall of Horrors, purchasing books, and out again in 45 minutes. That's some kind of record.

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