Sunday, 10 March 2013

Back To Work

Am I looking forward to going back to work tomorrow?

You bet I am.

The last 3 months have been very productive, in terms of getting house, garden and bakkie sorted out, but more important was the opportunity to rest and refresh my soul.

For the last few years at Osiris traumatised me more than I was aware of. It was not so much that I suffered from bad management in the Fraud department - indeed, I was treated relatively very well - but more the everyday abuse of my colleagues at the hands of one immature and control-ridden Wetiko manager which bit deep and left me tired and angry.

I've never, in 30 years in the workplace, seen such abuse and I don't expect to ever witness it firsthand again. I have learnt much from that close contact with mundane evil - which is, I believe, the point of everything we experience on this plane.

Duality. Good and Evil. Hierarchical forms in action. Materialism, lack of consciousness and the workings of the Wetiko culture.The reasons we keep on showing up down here, eon in, eon out. And the way Love, of course, includes and transcends it all.

On Monday I'm starting at NetCare as a Data Analyst and I'm happy about it, although since it has been over 11 years since I last started as the new girl, it's going to be an interesting day, I'll be bound.

And all the while, I haven't given up hope that my erstwhile colleagues will -each and every one - find their own way out of that particular living hell.

Pic: from Peoples Drawing People


  1. Thinking of you, i'm sure it would be a more positive environment.

    peace and love

  2. oh yeah, it was great! I had a ball today, despite not yet having a computer.
    T in J