Wednesday, 20 February 2013

New Gates

Hmmm...they seem to like me.

Well, I've concluded that I like them too (especially after  seeing this this morning).

So I've gone to the police station to get a bunch of ID Books, 'varsity records, etc. certified and emailed to the recruitment agent.

It's not cast in stone yet, but trending towards a new, different workplace challenge.

In other, connected, news: Saturn has just gone retrograde right over my natal Mars, in Scorpio (.. and anyone who wants to make something of me having Mars in a) my sun sign  b) my ascendant sign  c) Scorpio  had better stand in line for a bashing) turning us inward upon all sorts of essential life connections. With Mercury to follow retrograde in Pisces in three days' time, I'm fairly astonished that I'm getting anything at all done on the Earth plane at the moment.

Ah, but it's good sometimes to drift upon the dissolution of ego. Rearranging, reassembling how we interface with this world.

Namaste, All. I need to go sniff some Frankincense.

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