Wednesday, 12 December 2012

It's Not True

Woke from a sleep of battling demons to a shattering like broken glass.

And in the network of cracks, a slow realisation.

For the past 6000 years, humans have been Doing It Wrong.

Physicists (and we all trust Physicists- they're never wrong, hey?) now reckon that the Universe is like a brain.

It's perfectly obvious if we stop to think about it. From the micro to the macro, and all the scales in between: from the growth of molecular structures to the mammalian brain to the Internet to the cosmos itself, the principle of growth is networking.

Not Pyramidal top-down structures. Networking.

Not oh-my-gods-what-will-we-do-without-authority. People inherently know what to do.
This fear of widescale murder, rape and pillage is something we're enculturated with - it's not true.
Very likely, the evil that men do is caused by the control system, not suppressed by it.

And here I will agree with Neil Kramer when he says that "There are no bad men - just disturbed ones."

Although it can be very, very trying for most of us caught in the grips of control-freaked civilised men. We must still try to remember that they are afraid. Very, very afraid. Their whole world is coming apart in a slow controlled (!) fall, and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.

For the rest of us, who already know that people know how to Be, the age of polarity is drawing to a close. For all its lessons, I shall not be sorry to see it leave.