Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Soul Retrieval Start

"The point is not to think good thoughts about yourself and remember that you're special. That's nice but it won't do any good if you haven't figured out who you really are. You are the perfect, pure essence and love of the Universe. That's what you are. Not what you're made of. It's you. You are the manifested love of the Universe. And your love has a purpose." 

I'd like to preserve that quote by Lisa at Panthea  and engrave it on my heart - at least for a little while.
I'm sure I've mixed my metaphors there but whatthehel.

Last night I dreamt I was at the  flat my Mom and Dad died in more than a decade ago. I was there with my family. We had a small female dog with us, part of the family, very devoted, very loving.

As I dreamt, I remembered that we also had a larger,male family dog, who we had all completely forgotten about for a long time.I felt tremendous guilt and deep sorrow that we had forgotten this boy -personal guilt and very personal, anguished sorrow.

In the dream, I remembered his name. I resolved to find him again and bring him home

Now, this dream may be blindingly obvious to all who read about it here. But believe me, I'm a lot denser than that in my daytime persona. It wasn't until around noon that the meaning hit me.

It's not, as I uncharacteristically assumed on waking, to do with the larger view of Beings in this Cosmos. Or if it is, it's only peripheral. It's directly about me, and a large part of my Self I lost a while ago.

We cannot remember Who we are until we re-member all our parts.

And Lisa said it on her Facebook page later that same day.

If I do not miss my mark,my soul retrieval skills are about to be given a strenuous workout.

Pic: Susan Bien


  1. Such an extraordinary dream, a gift.

  2. I think we have to be very careful holding that we must remember all of our soul parts. My experience is that it is our nature for soul parts to come and go, and not all of them need to be returned. All of them, though, must be acknowledged as we become aware of their separation, and when we've healed them, they decide whether they return to the earthly consciousness, or return to All Things.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I wish you safe soul travels!

  3. That's an interesting insight, Kelley. Thanks for sharing it. I probably need to think about this some more - as with most things in my life!
    Terri in Joburg