Thursday, 22 November 2012

Cab Day

Funny protest signs.(H/t Echidne)

Actually, I'm not thinking of Jesus.

I'm thinking of the great taxi ride we had this morning, courtesy of Orange Cabs.
The driver was quite mad, and the wind through the open windows only increased the exhilaration of narrowly missing an oncoming car , bumping over road-works and dodging Putco buses by a hair. I know why dogs love to stick their heads out of the windows of moving vehicles. It's so much fun.

Jacob, the Mad Driver, took us to Bel Air Mall for grocery shopping, then onto PJ Adendorff's for trestles and finally he waited in the hot sun with a Coke while we bought a clutch plate and thrust bearing for the Legendary Car.

Helping us with our parcels at the gate, Jacob expressed a wish to be our driver again in the future. This life is too short to turn that sort of adventure down.

Noticing a Police van parked down our road, we found that our 2-doors-down neighbour had been burgled while we were away. Warren and I reviewed our camera footage for the hour in question - and found something strange. Just 5 minutes before the burglary car(which we had actually seen standing in the street as we left but had mistaken for the neighbour's vehicle) drove past our gate, the cameras recorded a security vehicle going the same way. The robbers took 8 and a half minutes to break in, clear the place out. stuff the loot into their car and drive off again. Our recordings show the car going back with its boot half-open.

Christmas shopping for someone, I guess. It's time, and past time, that we all just let go of our stuff.

By the way - if you're without transport for just a day in Joburg, don't go rent a car. The cab companies have come a long way since Rose's, and it works out much cheaper.


  1. Interesting, joburg cabs usually cost more than renting a car for the day.
    There's a crowd in sandton using tuk tuks as taxis, i'm tempted to go for a joyride soon :D
    peace and love

  2. tuk tuks? Are those 3 wheeler scooter type things?
    Anyway, what with the exorbitant deposit and the dropoff/delivery cots, the cab for the morning was quite a lot cheaper than the rental.Also, I wanted to use my credit card to pay the rental company, but it's Warren who has the diver's license. Apparently, the rental companies call that a no-no.
    T in J