Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Out of The Blue

I woke up this morning pretty convinced that I was awakening in an alternate reality.

See, last night I dreamed of inhabiting two other realities which lay close together in what is probably a continuum of fully-fledged sets of dimensions, rather than discrete alternates.

I dreamed I was in Wokingham - which will surprise no-one who is aware of the way I haunt that place in England. Perhaps it;s because I started my journey into this individuation from there.

The two alternates were similar in many material details, with startling diversions from each other in a few places. I can't go into these dreams very deeply right now - I'm still processing them - but the appearance of silver and amethyst rings, especially one in the shape of the Ouroboros, are pretty telling points.

And I'm not afraid for my sanity. No indeed. If I am coming apart at the seams, it feels more like a shedding of the last vestiges of conformist upbringing and the blue turn of the spiral than an actual loss of reason.

Pic: from this Deviant artist