Saturday, 20 October 2012

Me, Surprised

I'm quite surprised.

It strikes me that an awful lot of people are just not getting the beautiful video short I,Pet Goat II at all.

This morning, while waiting for the washing to cycle, I idly flipped through a few sites where it was being discussed. And came away scratching my head a bit.

I thought it was fairly do-able - although not easy as such - to garner meaning from the symbols sometimes strikingly portrayed by Lefebvre. But may be it's just that the place I'm at on my own path makes the meanings clear. To me, and relative to what I've experienced. Almost certainly others, at different points of their journey, will see different things.

(But not this load of rubbish masquerading as discussion, by all that's holy.)

So, as I wait for the second load of week's washing to finish, let me give a synopsis of how I received this - now viral - piece of enlightenment.

To me, the bloody talons holding the puppeteer's tools near the start are quite important. They are dangling American presidents from their strings and dollar-bedecked claws. That one president is no different from another should be no surprise to any of us, by now.

The figure of Innocence, seated with the apple is a lovely bit of imagery. She lets fall the symbol of the Fall, and it rolls away, splitting open to reveal the lotus of higher mind within its flesh. Scaring, by the way, the crap out of a generic colonialist leader.

The manipulation of the children of Africa, the drowning of the agriculturalist scum of South America, the facing and accepting of the figure (boojum) of Death by the activist -each is a little cameo of living at this point in time in this distorted version of the All. The Pagan child (l'enfant bleue) keeps dancing around the fire the while...

Islam rediscovers its roots and destiny in transcendence, Sufi-style, and ascends to the Moon Goddess. But not before it has shown its own unique face of evil within the world.

The uniform ranks of corporatism line up, and behind them, Kali begins Her final dance...

All the while, the Christ consciousness which resides in each living being sleeps as it traverses the 3D world. Rains of fishes, catastrophic strikes and mass destruction fall all around the barge of the Sun, but He does not yet awaken.

Only at the end, as the vessel leaves the tunnel of unreality, does the sleeping super-conscious awaken, and beholds the sun. Just as it is setting.

There are many more things I haven't mentioned here - but behold! - the washing machine has fallen silent, and I must tend to it before it starts its annoying beeping. Until later, then...


  1. This is what happens when you drop something as loaded with "occult" symbolism into the public mind.
    I appreciate your explanation, and i follow your thoughts, but i ask: why?
    This is a fanciful tale, but it's a seriously deep political and religious statement too.
    peace and love

  2. I belive the producer had a vision and felt compelled to share the details.
    I'm glad he did, for it has moved and touched me deeply, as well as reminding me that the occult should never be (occulted) and that the spiritual is necessarily political also.