Thursday, 20 September 2012


On New Year's Eve of 2008, RSS Security shot and killed three of our canine companions - Charybdys, Chippie and Bart - under what we considered to be highly suspicious circumstances, and then proceeded to treat our concerns as if they were entirely inconsequential.

Warren and I set out to provide them with some consequences, and yesterday that road seemed to have come to an end at last.

We were taking them to the High Court, aided by an attorney and an advocate.
Our last attendance in Pretoria was just over a year ago, when the case was postponed as the defendants needed to change their defense. Our legal team told us there would be another date in about a year.

So we waited, and, hearing nothing from either Stef Guldenpfennig the advocate or Ferdi the attorney, assumed that everything was chugging along just as it should.

Then, three weeks ago, we get an email from another attorney, saying that our previous guy had left the company, and that the trial date was set for 2nd October. This was  Thipe Mothle, of Mothle, Jooma, Sabdia who seems to be leading a bit of a double life - which I commented on earlier. (He appears to be both Thipe Mothle and Peter Nyane.)

( I must add that the email correspondence, coming as it did from a presumably expensively educated attorney, left so much to be desired in the usage of English grammar and spelling that I wondered at the legitimacy of the correspondence.)

The email also inquired about payment. No problem. I have to do large money transfers through my bank branch, so, being busy at work, we asked them to wait until Saturday, two days from then.

The next day we received another email telling us that Stef the advocate had withdrawn from the case, after (quote) "you made numerous promises to pay". The attorneys were thus withdrawing as well.

Well I'll be damned, I thought. We go for almost a year hearing nothing and therefore trusting everything is OK, then out of the blue up pop these ill-educated people claiming we were not honouring our promises.
I did see red, briefly.

This left us not enough time to secure another attorney and advocate.So yesterday Warren and I went along to the offices of the attorney for the defense, and we settled.

Let me just say here that I have never, in a relatively long life so far, been the recipient of quite such dishonourable behaviour. Advocate Guldenpfennig and Thipe Mothle should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Yet I doubt that they are. Hard as it is to realise, there are people in this world who fit the bill of conscienceless parasites pretty damned well. After this little demonstration of bare-faced lying, I wondered for a while how either of them could actually sleep at night. And then I realised that they probably slept pretty well, thank you. For they seem to have lost their moral compass entirely when they contracted this disease called Wetiko syndrome.

But on the closure front, although Warren has been enjoined not to discuss the matter, no such stricture is binding upon me. So I can say that we did succeed in hitting RSS Security where it hurt; their market-share in this neck of the woods has noticeably dwindled (to just about nothing in our suburb), plus they were forced to spend money on advocates and attorneys - just as we were, conceded - something which I guarantee has hurt them more than it has hurt us.

 This was never about money. And, if I had the choice, I would certainly do it all - extravagant expenditure included - over again.

Rest well, my beloved friends.You have been avenged.

Pic: Chippy and Charybdys, Lughnasadh Eve 2008