Thursday, 13 September 2012


As I walk into the office, two of my colleagues are watching a YouTube video.

Their faces are set, earnest - and then they break into shrieks of laughter.

It's some kind of car-chase super-derring-do piece of entertainment which has them so rapt.

I have just put down the video I have been watching, of cops shooting children in Anaheim.

I start my work. Occasional childish squeals and giggles punctuate the background growly music of the car-chase video.


I get up and walk towards the balcony.

The sun has risen as a perfect orange ball in the sky. I can see his face quite clearly.Orange ball hanging in blue morning sky. Stunningly beautiful, and hard to miss.

Two of my colleagues are standing sideways on to the windows, chatting about something they watched on telly last night. Some fictional cop show.

They completely ignore the gorgeous sun in the morning sky.

Saddened for us and for what our insane behaviour means for the rest of the living world, I go talk to the cheerful Sparrows for a while.

Pic: from My Sweet World