Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Again tonight I asked the sacred question: "Who has lived on this land before me?", this time seated at my altar.

My opening dream was of re-arranging furniture in a large room. Very much like a stage set. I was carefully piecing together a figure which was broken, but which would be the centrepiece for the room when it was ready.

Next I found myself negotiating for an artifact - it looked a little like a digital camera - with a "saleswoman".
Opening up the little gadget, I found that it had been used once before. The previous owner had left various till slips, pieces of tissue paper and other odds and ends in one of the pockets. I didn't give the gadget back, but started exploring it further.

I found that this artifact gave me, on pressing various buttons, membership of a network, or club. I noticed that a colleague - who had negotiated for ownership of a bigger, sleeker gadget - was granted membership of something which looked bright, colourful and populated by artificial creatures. Somewhat like a My Little Pony club. My own network consisted of what appeared to be much smaller, drabber creatures resembling nagapies.

I pressed the buttons to join the network.