Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Niggling Misery

Full Moon along the Cancer-Capricorn axis tonight, which means my House of Mind is being illuminated strongly. And irritatingly.

I asked Warren about crime rates in Joburg at the full of the moon, and he pointed out that in fact the rates are lowest about now, increasing as we get nearer the New Moon. Professional criminals, we have in this city - they prefer to work at night without the Moon backlighting their activities.

That I have a Third House in Capricorn should tell you a lot about my grumpy-old-persona. I can be like your Granddad when his rheumatoid arthritis is playing up, especially as my natal Saturn is right around the same place that Full Moon is sitting in right now.

Tonight I felt like pitching a fit about the number of trailing electrical wires festooning the house. It's temporary, until we get all the lighting and cameras in their proper places. But the demise of the fridge's electrical socket has not helped - a long extension cable now runs right across the living room.

So, niggling misery would be my watchwords for the day, I guess. But not fatally so. I'm still aware of how richly privileged I actually am..not in material goods alone, or education, or anything else which fades like the morning poppy heads.
Just intensely privileged to be...here...now. On the Earth in all her toil and glory. Among the people - human and non human - who sing the hymn to Life Abundant every morning, and chant the evensong of the Sea of Remembrance as each night falls.

I am blessed to be starting to really remember Who I am...and who, by extension, You are, too. You can recall it if you bend your mind to it, you know.