Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Ego Mask of God

You cannot, as Christina emphasises, always tell at first contact who in your lineage is an ancestral helping spirit and who is an ancestral leech.

It's a mistake I have made more than once, but by paying close attention to what is actually communicated via the ancestral line you can often sort out the wheat from the chaff.

And that chaff can be dangerous to you personally. Ancestors who have not lived well and not died well can pretty safely be assumed to not be among those who can help and guide you I have found to my own dismay.

You see, when we die, something akin to the shattering of a glass vase takes place: the ego-mask which has obscured the God Self throughout the earthly life breaks into a million billion pieces in the act of freeing the true Self. Most of those pieces will never be found upon this plane or the next one ever again - but some of them are held fast in the memories and clinging of relatives and friends wanting to keep the beloved dead's memory alive. And it is often one or more of these pieces which come to us in the guise of an ancestor, seeking the rest of its earthly ego, wanting to be put together again through the livings' act of recognition.
We shouldn't acquiesce to these hungry ghosts' attempts to use our consciousness for their own undivine , semi-conscious ends. It does no-one any good - neither the seeking ego fragment nor the conned shamanic practitioner. Conditions ranging from soul discomfort to active possession have been known to be the result of taking on such a mote of shattered ego.

It's not an easy task, discerning the true ancestral guiding or helping spirits from among the array of partial memory-lives we are presented with upon looking into our ancestral neural network, but it must be done to preserve our own sanity and the cleanest working of the real ancestors who wish only to help us here. I see many signs of false ancestor connection around me in this country - such questionable practises as live bull slaughter and incestuous marriages can really only come from those ego pieces masquerading as ancestors - and I see, too, how easy it is to fall prey to the undead blandishments.

Maybe if we lived in such a way as to be aware always of our own true natures, and of the ego as a filter or a mask on this Being which lasts only so long as breath and life reside in the body and mind, maybe then we would be far more likely to die a good death, cleaning out all the mask fragments and dissolving them so as not to leave our litter lying around for our descendants to trip over.

Pic: photo by egoanianqueets