Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Not Appropriate

Yesterday's news:
6 people, 2 goats killed in crash

"The taxi rolled and four patients were found about 17 metres away from where the taxi was," said spokesperson Synock Matobako. One of the injured said the passengers in the taxi were sangomas on their way to a ritual in Zandspruit. Matobako said two goats and a chicken were also inside the taxi. The goats were killed in the accident "
Last Saturday morning, we were woken to the sound of very loud drums- apparently constructed from dustbins- penny whistles and chants. No problem - a cleansing ceremony going on at one of my neighbours' houses.

The repeat performance on Saturday evening was also OK with us, although both Warren and I were starting to get a bit headach-y and testy.

Sunday morning however, crossed the line.
I know we're early risers, but most people in this suburb are not.
The din was truly incredible.
Warren got out the petrol-engined lawnmower and I got out my mortar and pestle.

Dragons Blood, Rue, Tonka Bean and Hyssop. A truly moving mixture when pounded into a fine powder, sprinkled on glowing coals and swung over the back fence.

You know,our Ancestors are not bloody deaf - far from it.

Just don't piss the Shaman off. We have limits, too.