Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Formulation

My Ancestors - who are your Ancestors - who were once embodied, say this to me:

"You were born from us into the flow of time. Into Form. And you must learn from Form that which it has to teach.

You must learn separation. Discrimination based on Form. Learn anger, joy, hatred and love through being embodied. Learn limitation. And fear.Learn the uses of the intellect and the passions of the body/soul.

For we who were once embodied are now un-embodied, and we tell you this:

That you arise into Form from the limitless Field.

That Form interacts with the Field at every point of its being.

That Form exudes Spirit, and that Spirit creates Form again.

And that All arises from and relapses into the Eternal, the Limitless, the Unbounded Field at both the beginning and the end of all incarnation.

And that this Field - the One, existing without time or place or reason and known also as Love - is the Identity of That Thou Art"

Pic: I found it here