Sunday, 4 December 2011

Solar Plexus Of Your Soul

Sunday : Tons of Rain read the 7-day forecast when I looked at it earlier this week.
I see they've changed it to read A few showers. Afternoon clouds. Mild. Which shows us how chaotic the art of weather prediction really is, I suppose.

Now, crossing the garden picking up dog poop for the week, I look up into a brilliant blue sky crossed by those picture-perfect sailing ships of bright white cotton cumulo-nimbus clouds, the horizon constrained from my view by tall Cycads, a Coral Tree in full bloom, two enormous Monkey-Thorns and the neighbors' renegade Jacaranda. Looking down, I see grass grown long enough to be cushiony, patches of Motherwort - who knows how that got in here? - and rose petals fallen all along the garden. Lemons from the home tree I pick , take inside and make delicious lemonade : lemon pulp and juice with ice water and a dash of mint, nothing better right now. Oh, add some ice maybe.

It's hard to remember that we're actually slap in the middle of a Mercury retrograde period - and one, moreover, taking place right across my second house, home of my own natal Mercury and my Jupiter. I'd have thought this one would be quite traumatic, but this doesn't seem to be the case.
For a start, I began earnest work with my Ancestors on a family disfunction near the beginning of this retrograde period, and the work continues well and steadily. I have also noticed an increase in my inner serenity and grounded-ness, about coincident with this period; in fact, yesterday I was incredibly at home during the whole of a trek to the mall to get Warren a new cellphone ; a trek which didn't work out, as it happens - several little Mercury-type obstacles rose up before us. Got to laugh. We also have had absolutely no luck in locating a hardware part for Warren's laptop. These sort of setbacks I can surely live with - and they're nothing to the full-on Mercury retrograde Anne's been having, this time around.

As I pour myself another glass of lemonade - with ice this time - I gather that these retrograde periods perhaps give us each precisely what we need for learning and for growth. That seems a bit rough, when your car is blowing up and your every utterance turns into a miscommunication - but there are compensations. Next time, you learn to take precautions, perhaps. Or you use the retrograde period as a chance to connect at a different level with your antecedents. And you dig your roots in just a little bit deeper to the land on both the physical and the spiritual planes, so that when those breezes blow, they blow with you, not against you. And you have that sense of joy that comes from being incarnate, here and now, with all its little and large disruptions. And you laugh, long and loud and from the solar plexus of your soul.

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