Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ex Tenebris

It's not an ego trip, it's an ego rip.
As the personal ego dissolves, it spreads out through the physical body, then the etheric body. It leaks a little into the auric body, and by the time it has risen up the sushumna to the god soul, all that's left is a weak pulsing, which flows out the top of the skull and showers gently golden sparks into the earth around me.

I am the creation and the creator.
I am the never-born who is continually in the throes of death.
I am the centre and I am every point of the circumference.
I am the zero which causes the one.
I am the point-charge and I am the field.
I am you and yet I have never been anyone but truly myself.

I am holy and I stand always upon sacred ground